These Tips for Dental Anxiety Can Help Make Dental Visits a Breeze

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Many people use dental anxiety and dental phobia interchangeably, but the latter is a deep-seated emotional aversion to dental care that prevents patients from seeking care even if they know they have a dental issue. Dental anxiety patients still recognize the value of visiting their dentist, though the psychological disorder can stir up anxiety no matter the simplicity of the procedure.

Dr. doctor_name] and our team greatly value the comfort of our patients, and we want to offer you a few tips that can help reduce dental anxiety so that you can enjoy your dental care.

Consider the time of day that you are scheduling your visits. If you struggle with low blood sugar, your feelings of anxiety can be heightened, and you may want to schedule visits for right after breakfast or lunch to help your blood sugar balance and make relaxing easier.

If tend to feel stress during a certain part of a dental procedure, try breathing exercises such as inhaling deeply through the nose and exhaling from the mouth slowly. Controlled breathing helps reduce blood pressure and restrict the concentration of stress hormones produced in your body.

If you have severe dental anxiety, you may find it helpful to receive nitrous oxide during your appointment. Speak with Dr. Casey Murdock in advance to determine if this is something you might like to try during your next visit.

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