If you have periodontal disease, one of the first treatments our dentist may recommend is a periodontal deep cleaning. Periodontal deep cleanings are much more intensive than regular dental cleanings, as they help to scale the tooth to clean below the gums and remove harmful plaque and bacteria from the mouth. To learn more about the benefits of periodontal deep cleaning in Billings, Montana, and to make your appointment with Dr. Casey Murdock, contact Murdock Family Dentistry at 406-259-0110!

Even if your oral hygiene habits are perfect, the area below your gumline is still incredibly difficult to keep clean. Periodontal deep cleanings remove the tartar and plaque that build up below the gumline, disrupting the colonies of disease-causing bacteria that live in those areas to improve your oral health and help remove periodontal disease from your mouth.

During your cleaning, our dentist will thoroughly clean your mouth by scaling the teeth. Your teeth will then be polished to make them smoother and less likely to play host to bacteria or other harmful deposits.

The frequency with which you receive this treatment will depend on the severity of gum disease in your mouth. Patients with periodontal disease may need to visit our office every few months, while those without this disease may only need to receive a deep cleaning every couple of years.

For more information about periodontal deep cleanings, and to make an appointment with our experienced dentist, please call our office today.