Routine Dental Checkups Lower Oral Health Risks

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Your regular dental checkups may not seem very significant if you have healthy teeth that aren’t suffering from obvious dental problems. After all, these visits may seem like a waste of time if there are no cavities to treat, right? Actually, that is not true. We encourage you to maintain regular dental cleanings and exams to prevent dental problems from affecting your oral health.

Below are three very important benefits of dental checkups that show why they should occur every six months:

– Cavity prevention: Visiting the dentist for regular dental checkups helps to prevent cavities because he examines your teeth to determine if you are at risk of cavities. If you have cavities, we can often diagnose them early so that they can be treated easily and less expensively.
– Gum disease prevention: The leading cause of tooth loss for adults is gum disease, which is a very significant issue that often doesn’t have obvious symptoms early on. Gum disease typically results from inconsistent dental hygiene habits, which is where regular dental cleanings can greatly benefit you.
– Tartar removal: Tartar is hardened plaque on your gum line that can’t be removed at home. Only professional dental cleanings provide the tools to remove tartar and prevent it from harming your smile.

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