If you are new to Murdock Family Dentistry, we invite you to read some of our reviews to learn about the quality of care that we provide for our patients. We also invite you to leave your own review following your appointment with Dr. Casey Murdock. You can leave a review and read more reviews about our dentist by clicking one of the links below.

DesJake D

We started at Murdock Family Dentistry because I wanted somewhere where kids and adults are welcome. Being located in the Heights was another plus for us as well! We absolutely love the entire team that works there- they have made the routine ‘visit to the dentist’ absolutely enjoyable. I can honestly say that my children literally get excited when they know their visits are coming up. “Counting my teeth, taking fun pictures, and watching cartoons are the best. The teeth cleaner even tastes good!” (Karter, age 6) I could not ask for a more personable experience and knowing that I do not have to drag myself or my children to the dentist is a huge relief! I will continue to recommend everyone to use them as a family dentist!! Thank you Murdock Team!

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Ginger L

Hey there Murdock family, I just want to give a shout out to one of the best dental teams around the Billings area. We started coming to see you about 3 years ago and every appointment turned out to be as pleasant as the last. This is coming from someone who had dental trauma when I was a child and since then have had extreme anxiety when visiting the dentist. I love the fact that you have dramatically decreased that fear of mine. I also love the fact that my children get excited about their dental appointments. Dr. Murdock has officially been named “The Best Dentist in the World” by my 9-year-old. Thank you for all your service and personal concern for our needs. We are lifers, so please don’t go anywhere!! To the out-of-towners… it is well worth the time and money to travel to Murdock Family Dentistry for your dental needs. You would not be disappointed!

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Tiffany E

The whole team is fantastic! I recommend Murdock Family Dentistry to everyone

Vicki J

We recently moved to Billings, MT and we’re so very grateful to have found Dr. Murdock and his staff!! They are so very professional and gentle, and that really put my husband at ease, as he’s a tad bit anxious with dental care!! 😉. Thank you Dr. Murdock and staff for your exceptional care!!

Rose N

I recently had a smile makeover by Dr. Murdock and his office “family”. Now I feel as if I am part of that family, because that is how I was treated. My concerns, questions and wishes were addressed and taken into account by everyone involved in my care during the entire process. Attention to detail was outstanding with care for my comfort being considered at all times.

The final look is outstanding. I now have the smile I had always hoped for and would recommend Dr. Murdock to everyone without any hesitation.

If you need any type of dental work, please visit with Murdock Family Dentistry, you won’t be disappointed by any aspect of the care you receive.

Justin STop of Form

Some of the best customer service I’ve experienced

Gayle W

Professional and thorough – a good visit to the dentist.