Consider Oral Sedation or Nitrous Oxide to Help You Enjoy Dental Visits

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Do you dread or even avoid dental procedures because of fear or anxiety? Do visits to the dentist make you feel nervous? If so, we assure you that dental anxiety is a common concern for many people. To help relieve your dental anxiety, we can offer oral sedation and nitrous oxide so that your dental visit is as comfortable as possible.

The purpose of sedation dentistry is to make your dental experience pleasant, comfortable, and relaxing. Dr. Casey Murdock and our team strive to provide our patients with a safe environment, and someone will be with you throughout your time in the dental chair. We invite you to consider what each option of sedation dentistry can offer to help you determine which method is more compatible with your dental needs.

Oral sedation is provided by our dentist as a pill or placed under the tongue. The pill is prescribed to you before your appointment, while under-the-tongue medication quickly absorbs into the bloodstream and can be done in office. Both methods induce deep relaxation by slowing the central nervous system’s ability to function as a Central Nervous System (CNS) depressant, reducing your awareness of external stimulation. Following the procedure, you will need to be driven home.

Nitrous oxide sedation is commonly referred to as “laughing gas” and is a combination of nitrous oxide and oxygen to help you relax while still being fully awake, aware, and able to respond to questions. You breathe in the gas through your nose, but once the mask is removed, the effects dissipate and you can drive yourself home.

Our team at Murdock Family Dentistry will help you choose the right method of sedation for your situation. Feel free to call 406-259-0110 today to learn more about sedation dentistry in Billings, Montana.