Assist Your TMJ’s With These Tips and Tricks

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As we age, joints in our bodies can start giving pain and need help. Your TMJ’s, also known as your temporomandibular joints, are no different. If you are experiencing pain in the joints on the side of your face, then we can help you.

Our dentist, Dr. Casey Murdock, offers TMJ assistance in our office. That is why our team at Murdock Family Dentistry in Billings, Montana, has provided you some tips to help you with your TMJ’s at home.

Here are some tips to assist you with your TMJ’s:

– Consuming softer foods will be kinder on your jaw and help you with any strain or burden you might be putting on your jaw when you eat tougher foods.
– Night guards are helpful to wear while you sleep because teeth grinding can hurt your TMJ’s causing inflammation and intense pain.
– Heat or ice packs can provide relief from pain and swelling from your joints.
– Many anti-stress techniques like meditation, yoga and soothing music to help with stress can also be useful for treating your TMJ’s. Nearly everyone suffers from stress, and there are countless ways to overcome it. Find a way to lower your stress, so your TMJ’s can feel better.

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