A Helpful Review of Dental Bridges

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The loss of one or more teeth can make speaking and chewing a struggle, but receiving a dental bridge may be an excellent method to regain the appearance and function of your smile. Dental bridges in Billings, Montana, replace a missing tooth or teeth with a dental restoration made of artificial teeth. If you would like to learn more about dental bridges, we offer the following basic review of these dental appliances:

Benefits of Receiving a Dental Bridge
The uses of a dental bridge are numerous, and can include important functions such as:

– Restoring a smile to its original appearance and function
– Helping you to speak and eat properly
– Supporting facial shape so that the jaws don’t sag
– Distributing an even bite
– Keeping the surrounding teeth in proper position

Placing a Dental Bridge
Our dental team will first need to relieve the neighboring teeth of tooth enamel so that there is enough space for dental crowns to sit on either side of the bridge and hold it in place. We then use impressions of the area to have a custom-made dental bridge created that is later cemented into place.

Lifespan of a Dental Bridge
As long as your dental bridge receives proper care, you can expect it to at least 10 years. Oral health threats to dental bridges include tooth decay, which can occur if food becomes trapped underneath the artificial teeth and causes cavities that weaken the dental bridge.

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